The woman behind the microphone:

Heather K hometown is Orange, CA. At a young age she was raised and grew up in Central Illinois.  Music was always a part of Heather K’s life. Her mother could sing and put Goosebumps on your arms. You can say her singing always touched the soul! As a child Heather K was always surrounded by music. Music was always a big part of her upbringing. 


It wasn’t until 2014 that Heather K really discovered that radio was her passion. She enrolled into Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois with plans to become a elementary teacher. Those plans quickly shifted when she realized how much time outside of college it would take to complete. At this time Heather K had a fianc√© and raising a family of three boys. Anyone with children knows there’s no free time after kids. 

That’s when Heather K went on over to Sallee Hall at Western Illinois University. She studied broadcast production. During her studies she became an on air personality for 88.3 FM The Dog. Heather K was on college radio from Fall 2014 to Summer 2017. Covering stories from dumb criminals to local events. She was always keeping the listeners entertained and engaging with music request. After college Heather K had four international radio shows with another radio personality through HISO Broadcasting in Springfield, Illinois in September of 2017 to April 2018. 

Personal Achievements:

In April 2018 Heather K’s  family separated sending everything in a downward spiral. At this point is where she truly advanced in her radio career. She turned everything negative around her into something positive. Heather K was hired in Southeast Missouri to broadcast on radio in southern Missouri, southern Illinois and Kentucky on March 4, 2019. Since then she has broadcast commercial radio for southern Missouri and the surrounding areas.

However, she has always had a drive for an urban radio station. Heather K’s true dream career is to be on Sirius XM interviewing and talking with artist. Heather K’s passion and drive has brought her to Urban Hits Radio!. This is where she enjoys keeping her listeners informed on their favorite artist, upcoming music awards and more! Heather K is sure to keep you entertained, a smile on your face and a laugh or two. Make sure your keeping it tapped in with Heather K on 247 Urban Hits Radio!!!