We are 247 Urban Hits. In response to much feedback about radio in general playing the same ol’ songs over and the growing trend of more than 58% of the US listeners wanting to hear a variety of urban music, 247 Urban Hit Radio was started in 2019.

We’re commercial free which means you get to hear more music each hour. On top of that, special guest dj’s are invited to submit mix shows for consideration to be aired.

Indie artists have a space here with us. Yes that’s right. We encourage artists to submit radio friendly tracks via email for consideration and when we discover a hot artists on the come up we reach out for that track! Because, we want you to be heard.

247 Urban Hits was founded by Dj Smooth from New York. He is a native of Boston Mass with 15 years of radio experience and 40 years overall experience in the entertainment industry and as a mobile DJ he has well over 3 decades of experience rocking parties and dj’ing special events of all types.

We hope you will continue to support 247 Urban Hits because we are on the come-up and its happening fast. You are part of a growing movement so keep coming back. Thank you for your support.