247 Urban Hits Radio plays the latest and best hip hop, r&b, old school, and indie music. We came on air during 2019 with you in mind. 59% of people listen to the radio online. Smartphones, computers, and tablets have become the new normal to access music all over the globe. Listeners like you have become more and more interested in listening to the newest mainstream and independent music combined with a variety of selections that are not traditionally heard on commercial radio. We offer you this option online 24/7.

We heard you loud and clear and created a format that includes music for everyone! As our CEO would say: You won’t hear the same ten songs over and over here, nope; that’s not what we’re doing. Our selection is massive and our Air-Personalities have decades of professional experience. So, when you listen to our radio station your guaranteed to hear the hottest sounds, current industry and entertainment news, and artists music that many other stations won’t or can’t play. We do this because we can and we’re cool like 🙂

Contact us at 247urbanhits@gmail.com with your comments, questions, or concerns.

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