Who’s the man behind the voice:
DjSmooth is a native of Boston Mass where he was raised in Dorchester and Jamaica Plain. As a child he used to stand next to his mother’s component set and imagine he was that person speaking in-between songs. As he approached his early teenage years music was transitioning from disco into what we know today as Hip Hop Music.
In 1978 his mother purchased him a set of Technics SL-B1 Turntables and a Mixer and that’s when his career as a Dj began. That’s also when the inception of Rap Music got its start. DjSmooth would stay in his room practicing and perfecting mixing, scratching, and blending songs then soon thereafter he began Dj’ing block parties, house parties, and competing in neighborhood Dj Battles throughout the 1980’s.

He left Boston in 1989 with dreams of making it big in New York Radio which was one of his biggest dreams as child. He landed in a place called Albany, NY in 1990 where he attended and graduated from The New School of Contemporary Radio in 1992. Back then the Capital Region didn’t have any 24 hour radio stations which he was accustomed to. However there was a college radio station named WVCR 88.3 FM. He called them up one day and pitched a prop to host a Mix-Show.

That was the beginning of the 3 to 6 In the Mix show on the Jam Connection where he created what went down as the number 1 on-air show in the Capital Region from 1992 through 1997. He was Awarded Best Remote Dj in the Region in 1998 by the Upstate Broadcasters Association. He continued to spin in almost every night club in the area for nearly 2 decades while on the radio and went on to become a household name.
In 1998 he landed a part-time spot as Morning Show Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and weekend on-air personality at WAJZ JAMZ 96.3 from 2001 through 2002 and then moved on for a short stint at 102.3 KISS FM providing on-air fill-ins and street team promotions from 2002 through 2004.

Personal Achievements:
After hopping of the set for a few to pursue travel and non-profit entrepreneur ventures he’s back with a whole new vision to flood the internet with what is fast, becoming one of the best Hip Hop and R&B Radio Stations named 247 Urban Hits Radio.

DjSmooth is the CEO of 247 Urban Hits Radio and Air-Personality Host Daily from 2PM-10PM. You can hear his flavorful sound and selection of the hottest new music, indie artists, and the latest industry news online.

Favorite slogan: That’s Cool Too!